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For over four decades, the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art has kept its mission of preserving and promoting works of extraordinary imagination, inviting over 8 million guests from around the world to take part in celebrating the artist inside us all.

Orange Show Monument 2 - photo by David


An homage to one man's favorite fruit, and often considered one of the most important folk art environments in existence. Visit the world famous Orange Show and traverse its maze-like expanse of steel, ceramic, concrete, and whimsy. 


Tours Saturdays & Sundays, every 30 minutes from 10am-2pm. $5. Advanced tickets available.


Family-friendly. Tour is completely outdoors, please be mindful of the weather.

2401 Munger Street

Houston, TX 77023


A dedication to both consumption and recycling, The Beer Can House is estimated to be covered in over 50,000 aluminum beer cans. But it doesn't stop there. Tour one of Houston's most iconic landmarks and see why visitors from all over the world make it a point to visit this ode to brew.

Tours Saturdays & Sundays, every 30 minutes from 1pm-5pm. $5. Advanced tickets available.

Family-friendly. Tour is partially outdoors, please be mindful of the weather.

222 Malone Street

Houston, TX 77007

Beer Can House Exterior Front - photo by
Memory Wall at Smither Park 1.jpg


A work of art in progress, Smither Park is Houston's first art-inspired green space, created by over 300 artists from around the world who have painstakingly adorned every inch with hand laid mosaic artwork. 


Open from Dawn to Dusk.


Family-friendly. Completely outdoors. Always free to visit.

2441 Munger Street

Houston, TX 77023


The Orange Show has a rich history of providing informative and educational tours of some of the city's most exciting visionary and folk art sites. 

Click below to listen to one of our original Eyeopener Tour recordings from 1999 featuring The Orange Show, The Flower Man, OK Corral, Beer Can House, and the Art Car Museum. 



Since 1986 the Orange Show has organized Eyeopener tours of intuitively built environments and folk artworks in Houston, Texas, and across the United States. Entirely administered by volunteers, the tours encourage participants to document what they see and experience. As a result, the Orange Show archives contains over 35 years of crowd sourced recordings of largely bygone environments and artworks.


In 1998 Marks and Barbara Hinton led a tour of Houston's murals. To prepare for the tour ahead, they photographed as many sites as they could while also cataloging each location, artist, and date of completion, resulting in 167 unique records.​

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