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Spanning the entire 400-ft length of Smither Park, the Memory Wall was the first element of the park to be built. Each section of the memory wall is divided into panels - 60 in total. Artists from across the world have contributed to panels on the Memory Wall, many in tribute to a loved one, a favorite vacation destination, a memory, their favorite animal, and anything else you could think of. Artists have spent anywhere from a few months to a few years creating their panels.

Spend some time soaking in the Memory Wall and really looking closely at the materials that were used to create the mosaics - they may surprise you! 

Click on a section below to learn more about each piece

Memory Wall Section 1

right most, adjacent to amphitheater

Memory Wall Section 2

just to the right of the meditation area

Marilyn Oshman Meditation Wall

by Debbie Wetmore, Mary Anne Fried & Charles Fried


Memory Wall Section 3

adjacent to pavilion

Memory Wall Section 4

adjacent to marble tower