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"Squelchy The Octopus"

c. 2012

Designed & Constructed by: Alisha & Trevor Squire and Garrett & Megan Welch


The story of this panel is one of the magic that can happen when you say “Yes”. The Squire family (Alisha, Trevor, and their children Hyland and Roman) made a date to meet their friends Megan and Garrett Welch to tour the Orange Show. While waiting for everyone to arrive, the Squires noticed activity at Smither Park and walked over to see what was going on. The Welches soon joined them and there they talked to some of the artists and met Dan Philips (the architect of Smither Park). They group was very excited about the endeavor and the concept. Noting their excitement, Dan asked if they were artists. When they replied sadly, that they were not, Dan asked “do you want to be?” To which they responded, “Yes!” even though they already had busy lives; Alisha was a mom to two young boys, Trevor was doing his residency for Neurology at Baylor, Garrett was attending dental school, and Megan was a practicing lawyer.


They were all scuba dive certified and decided the subject of their panel would be an octopus with a name created from their last names; Squire/Welch, became Squelchy!


They incorporated some items on the panel to represent each of them, for example there is a small metal scales of justice to represent Megan, as a lawyer.

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