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The Smither Park Memory Wall - Section 1

"Smither Park Royalty"

c. 2014 - 2016

Designed & Constructed by: Mary Anne & Charles Fried


We were asked to complete the niche that is surrounded by The TSU Tigers. To us, the tigers brought to mind a coat of arms or royalty and so we built the throne to compliment them. The entire wall of mosaic that forms the backbone of the park is called the “Memory Wall”. The throne is an opportunity for visitors to sit, become part of the park, and make a memory to take home with them. The throne required strong beams bolted through the wall to ensure folks could safely sit. In keeping with the memory wall theme we inserted many items of importance to us or to friends. Look closely you may see a son’s swim meet medal, coins from foreign travel, keys from a loved home, fragments from wedding china, etc.


Charles is a retired geologist and GIS analyst. Mary Anne is retired from the financial services industry. They have been avid fans of the Orange Show and the Houston Art Car Parade having entered 10 different cars beginning in 2008. They visited Smither Park while it was in its infancy and met with Dan Philips and Stephanie Smither who gave their approval for our first ever mosaic.

Follow Mary Anne on Instagram: @maryannefried. Follow Charles on Instagram: @friedcc

You can also visit their Free Little Art Gallery on Instagram: @FLAG_HTX

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