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"Garden of Peace"

c. 2014-2016

Designed by: Sharon Plummer

Constructed by: Sharon Plummer, Toni Van Zant, Vicki Henson, holly Beadle


The design for the Garden of Peace was based on artist Sharon Plummer’s love of nature and the feelings of peaceful serenity and balance she derives from working and relaxing in her home garden. The peace signs incorporated throughout the design have special significance to Toni Van Zant. The large butterfly in flight was inspired by Vicki Henson’s lifelong efforts to provide safe habitats for Monarch butterflies. The small bugs and animals amongst the garden flora were envisioned by Holly Beadel with her keen eye for detail resulting in lizards and ladybugs amongst the grasses. The bleeding heart flowers represent the sorrow and pain experienced by losing a loved one.

The “niche” located in the center of the mural is entitled “Windows to Our Memories” and is one of three such niches gifted to Smither Park from the Society of American Mosaic Artists. It was created by attendees of the organization’s 2014 conference during a “Mosaic Marathon” in Houston.

Click here to view a video about Sharon and her mosaic work.

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