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"Conejo en la Luna"

c. 2013

Designed & Constructed by: Mayte Porras


The artist, Mayte Porras said of this panel: “The Rabbit travels from a lake at the crater of a volcano to the Moon. This mural is for all those who are not with us anymore”.

All of Mayte’s mosaic panels at Smither Park were created from donated materials ranging from marbles, car grills, metal scraps ,mirrors ,keys door knobs, among many other objects. She told us that “Through these objects I brought my visions to life. For example in the nearby pieceThe Surrealist Rabbit a cookout grill that I mounted on the wall represents the Moon. The mural invites the audience to make their own interpretations of what they feel, see and think about it”. 

Mayte Porras is a visual artist (multidisciplinary). In the summer of 2011 Mayte attended Dan Phillips (Art Director of Smither Park) workshop who selected her to elaborate four murals within Smither Park completed in august 2013. Since then Mayte has built another four, and won several prizes/ grants for her murals. Her work has spread through the United States of America and Mexico in the same style.

For more information about Mayte visit @mayteporras on instagram.

Special thanks from Mayte: “I would like to thank Stephanie Smither and her family, The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, and Dan Philips. Also fellow artists at Smither Park and last but not least to my main support:  Luis Lara, Marlon Lara, Julia and Raifus Durodoye.

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